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laura rockhold / poem

Star Gods

I am willing to see the world

reveal itself from my window.

A coming of stars

between the sun and silver maple.

Star gods turning their bodies on

invisible journeys.

Gathering, burning, dissolving

explosions beyond grasp.

Is this how souls are born? As light—

a union between the self and the world?

Like the ephemeral kiss of our bodies

meeting in the air above us,

the way our hips fit, our thighs,

how we slide on the edge of absence.

Water becoming stars,

stars becoming water.

Listen closely before it’s over—

you can hear the tintinnabulation.


Laura Rockhold is a poet and visual artist living in Minnesota. She is the inventor of the golden root poetic form and 2022 recipient of the Bring Back The Prairies Award and Southern MN Poets Society Award. Her work is published or forthcoming in Cider Press Review, Scarlet, The Hopper, The Ekphrastic Review, Yellow Arrow Journal, Black Fox Literary Magazine, deLuge, swifts & slows/Arteidolia and elsewhere. She holds a BS from the University of Minnesota. Her website is

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