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About Us

Birdcoat Quarterly is an online quarterly literary journal featuring poetry, creative nonfiction essays, and galleries of visual art.

We welcome submissions that blur genre and play with form, experiment with compression or expansion, use language in surprising ways, and bring attention to subject matter of contemporary urgency or uncommon interest. We especially love work that is tender, weird, and wild, hard-hitting and incisive, clear-sighted and daring. Stun us, wound us, share your gifts, or keep us warm—send us work that is unapologetically yours.

Birdcoat Quarterly pays its writers and artists. We are currently able to pay $10 per image, $20 per poem, and $25 per essay, and we hope to be able to raise that amount in the near future. If you'd like to help us reach that goal, you can donate here.

Want more? Check out our News page to see where we're at.

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